Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning to sew the correct way

Since I've been home for the last three weeks I'm trying to take advantage of the time I have. So tomorrow I'm taking a day for me to take a sewing lesson. I've been a self taught sewer, my Mom got me a sewing machine one year for Christmas and I've been trying to sew ever since.

I found a local fabric store Paula's Fine Fabrics and they were holding a class for Shirring Made Easy, and the dress pattern is what sold it for me. The pattern is by Lizzy & Ivy Ava Tie Top Dress. Isn't it just the cutiest, I've got all the materials picked out and I'm ready to go. I plan on making 2 of these for a friends little girls, I thought the fabric was different but still full of spring colors. I don't know about you but I'm all about yellow this season, I just wish it looked good on me.

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I have a feeling this newest adventure of mine, may lead me down the path of looking into a new sewing machine. Any sugguestions on ones I should be considering?

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day, thanks for stopping by!
Happy Creating!


Jackie said...

I'd love to hear your experiences with Paula's. The fabrics and pattern you have picked out are beautiful!

Buying a sewing machine is such a personal preference. I have a Bernina and cannot imagine sewing without it. I have larger hands so the quick foot change (no screws) was a huge factor for me. Wonderful dealer support as well. I couldn't ask for more!

Michele said...

Hi Jen! What beautiful fabrics! Lovely pattern too :-) I have 2 Berninas and the quilting frame and I love all of it! I have an 820 and a 440. If you have any questions about these machines I'd be happy to answer them.