Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Sad Post

If you have read any of my post in the past, you know I typically like to keep them fun and up beat. But, today is a sad post for I hope you can bear with me because I can use as many willing listeners as I can get.

Last Thursday I lost a very special man in my Grandpa Gary. He was diagnosed early May with CLL Leukemia during testing stage for treatment options they found Lung Cancer, Tumor on his hip and then he contracted pneumonia. Unfortunately his body just couldn't fight any longer. So needless to say it's been an emotional exhausting time for the family. I will miss him like crazy, but I'm at peace knowing he is no longer suffering in pain. I'm very thankful for the wonderful memories we do have together and I will cherish them always.

This picture was taken in March '08, as Grandpa kicked off the first ever
"Annual FAAS Golf Tournament". Of course he took home the trophy as the "Low net golfer" while I took home the "High net Golfer". Doesn't he look stylin' in his red get up. I have to say he was always active, he loved to cycle and was even crazy enough to ride his bike from Cape Coral, FL all the way to his home town of Iowa for his 50th High school reunion. He was 68yrs old at the time and made the crazy 2,400 mile journey all on his own with his bike. (Stories from that trip I won't forget). Boy if nothing else he was always determined.

Even though Grandpa is not hear with us today, I will continue to cherish the memories we did make and those moments which only we shared together. Because of him we have a wonderful family dynamic, full of love and support and for that I'm so thankful. So I leave this post with one of my all time favorite pictures with Grandpa, Chris and I hiking in TN.

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KT said...

So sorry for your sounds like you won the "Grandpa Lottery" with an amazing grandfather like that! The memories will keep you strong and give you some chuckles when you tell others the stories about this wonderful man ;-) That bike ride alone says a lot about him! (Loved the red golf outfit, too.)