Thursday, June 26, 2008

I {heart} my Pink iPod

I just celebrated my b-day and was lucky enough to get the new pink iPod. I'm totally lovin' it right now. (Please excuse the bad picture, but the only one I have at the time) My new iPod will not only help me track my progress with my runs for TNT, but it's also a catalyst to my knitting obsession right now. That's right, I have been introduced into the podcast knitting world!!

I have dived into the podcast world and I've found some great knitting ones that I can listen too while I knit. Which, I've enjoyed completely because I'm learning all about different yarns, stores, projects...etc. The amount of information is limitless.

The ones I've been trying to catch up on are:

I'm really enjoying the Stash and Burn at the moment (Ironically when this picture was taken I was wearing my I {Heart} SF) which is Stash and Burns home base. I totally can't wait until Womens Nike Run in SF. Hopefully I'll have some time to hit some of the local yarn stores in which Jenny and Nicole talk about in their podcasts.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!
Happy Creations


Corrina said...

Happy, happy birthday! Hope it was great!

Nicole said...

Ipods are awesome, pink ipods are super awesome! Podcasts are great for knitting.

JuleeQue said...

Check out The Savvy Girls Podcast. That and The Knitmore Girls are two of my favorites!